Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 2

All Introduction to CTE Classes.

Students are taking the General Safety Exam.  If you do not pass this test you need to take it at the following link.

 General Safety 

Students must retake until they pass with a 100 percent.  Password is CTE.

Week 1

Introduction To Career Technical Education (7th and 8th grades)

Orientation General Safety

  • General Shop Safety Unit - Students will be learning the basics of shop safety.  All Students will be required to pass the safety test with a 100% before being allowed into the shop.
    • Objectives - Students will be able to:
      • classify burn and take steps to treat them properly.
      • gain knowledge on how to work ergonomically and safe.
      • learn about personal protective equipment and how to properly use it for their safety.
      • explain the purpose of a Material Safety Data Sheet.
      • explain fire and electrical safety practices and rules.
      • explain how to combat the different types of fires.
      • learn how to safely use different type of power tools found in a metals shop.
      • learn how to properly lift and carry heavy materials.